Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Autumn Hues

Xray-ted has been quiet on the blog front. Very busy with my parents visiting which I will tell you about in greater detail and general lack of energy to write anything that would make interesting reading. Should have more energy in a few days after I finish another week of on call. 4 months down here (work doesn't feel like a sentence everyday) and in need of a holiday; luckily one more week until I fly to San Fran and head down to Big Sur for some R+R. Autumn is in full swing here - heavy wet downpours and plenty of wind. Slippery leaves everywhere which they don't seem to clear off the roads. Frost this morning. The colours have been stunning due to the long dry summer; here is a photo my artistic housemate Dawna took the other day.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Voodoo or Mynx?

Coming to live in Vancouver was meant to be easy enough; after all it was under the pretence of radiology but really with a lot of skiing in mind? That said I'm nearing the end of another full week of on call.....so have decided to look ahead excitedly to the ski season; particularly given that it snowed in Whistler last week!

I'm still obsessed with the choice thing. Thought I had dealt with it but it has reared it's ugly head again. I need a pair of skis. Simple surely....plenty of people here seem to know a thing or two on the subject. Thanksgiving sales are this weekend so a good chance to catch a bargain.

Complicated beyond belief! First of all you have to decide what type of skier you are in terms of performance and aggressiveness, then there is the terrain - groomed, powder, backcountry, freeride and how you ski it - cruise, carve, rip. If you can decipher and master all of those terms then there is the fatness of the ski ranging from mid to extremely fat, the radius, flex, dimensions, length, of course price and not forgetting the pattern of the front (which you spend a while looking for in the deep powder so really does matter a lot). The internet creates more confusion. Voodoo or Lady or Mynx? Provocative names indeed.

Time for an apres ski beer and a bit of the Proclaimers I think while I mull it over further...

Friday, 2 October 2009

Open Air BC

Even an exercise allergic overweight couch potato would want to get outside here (and it has nothing to do with the dreadful TV). . There is so much close by - hundreds of lakes and rivers, gleaming glaciers, piercing peaks, plunging gorges and a plethora of meadows abundant with wildflowers scattered amongst well signed and trodden paths to wilderness trails. And I haven't even mentioned the beaches. As someone who is yet to experience the dampness of winter and endless rain, it is easy to see why the locals max out their short summers. There are endless awe-inspiring views at the top of many a demanding climb here! I have managed to tackle some in the time I've been here. The top picture is near Meagre Creek Hot Springs north of Pemberton (north of Whistler) - classic BC scenery; the light was amazing. The middle picture is Upper Joffre Lake; a lovely walk and I seem quite happy to be there! Rugged rocks and an impressive glacier in the background. Garibaldi Lake is the bottom picture - big wilderness scenery with an amazing blue glacial water.

Magic. Rewarding Hiking. Mountains 1 Beach 0.