Saturday, 19 December 2009

Extra cream with that?

A busy few days sticking tubes in (literally) every orifice. Suede shoes safely in wardrobe.
Yesterday I put a PEG tube (feeding tube into the stomach from the skin) into a 52 year old man who had had 2 massive strokes resulting in him being unable to speak or move let alone swallow safely without aspirating. His wife was holding it together remarkedly well. What a bum deal to end up with a vegetable of a husband when you should have at least 20 years of good life together still to live. And I guess you aren't meant to leave them as that would seem callous; but at what point does for better or worse really not hold up anymore? It seems like a hell of a commitment to the unknown. Should you have thought about all these possibilities beforehand or is everyone in denial and just winging it and crossing their fingers and hoping they don't have to deal with such issues?
Maybe that is why some women turn into such nagging wives as once committed they don't want their husband getting fat, high cholesterol or hypertension. I'm all for quality rather than quantity and I don't plan to expire at 52, but should I be knocking on the pearly gates with no quality of life, ask them to let me in and carry on enjoying your life (particularly in the deep powder!) on my behalf please.

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