Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lynn Valley

I had a quiet weekend as have been rushing around a lot with plenty of early starts for max-ing out the oh-so-precious weekends not on call for weeks and weeks on top of the early weekday starts. It was forecast to rain so that meant writing some blogs, catching up on emails, trying to write consultant application form, having a haircut etc. The people who clearly make up the weather forecast (as a job no less) got it wrong again and it didn't rain so I felt obliged to be outside and enjoy the unwetness of it all; particularly as I was beginning to get used to the unkempt drowned rat look and was wondering why I owned a hairdryer.

I trekked over to North Vancouver and the Lynn Valley Park - there is an Indiana Jones style suspension bridge over a narrow pretty gorge and lots of hiking trails. I went with Jules and her cousin back in September but wanted to come back and walk some of the trails. It was lovely; especially to be out in the crisp fresh air on my own with plenty of time to think (and dogs to say hello to), but rather wet and slippery and I had an good fall with a resultant rather impressive calf haematoma. I looked twice my age trying to sit down on the ferry on my return but rewarded myself with a Vera's burger on the journey home - I couldn't believe I hadn't tried this establishment yet; succulent juicy burgers with every possible topping you can think of. Perfect post walk anti ravenous fuel. In close competition with the gourmet burger company in my humble burgopinion for a high ranking.

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