Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pre Californication

Time has been playing tricks again this week. My perception of time passing is definitely abnormal. I still think I'm 25 and this week has gone on forever. I cycled to work this morning amid what started as light drizzle and progressed too rapidly to a heavy downpour and as I attempted to dodge the piles of wet slippery slimy leaves they don't clear away here (adds to the adventure I'm told when attempted to complain), I tried to think of the appropriate word to describe the weather (in an effort not to focus on the ever increasing paraesthesia in my terminal phalanges). I concluded on the appropriateness of the word filthy. Not in the smutty way either.

I digress.

It's been a long week.
The boiler broke (now fixed).
I spent more time wet than dry.
Mental note: never go and live in Wales or Scotland for prolonged periods.
H1N1 jab hurts (have it in your thigh not your arm).
I finished my 8 weeks of booty camp (with a 4% reduction in body fat) which I perversely enjoyed.
4 months is too long between holidays; they should be on repeat prescription every 6-8 weeks.
I'm off to San Fran tomorrow early (strictly still the middle of the night) to meet Will for a few days then driving down Highway 1 to Big Sur.
I'm excited but long distance relationships are hard. Hope we get on!
Trying to pack; which I see as a chore when it shouldn't be as it means you are going somewhere (usually) fun. Hence the blog writing distraction.
Having worn scrubs at work and cycling / gym / fleeces / uber casual clothes for the last 4 months; it is quite interesting looking through the wardrobe at heels (reluctantly) catching dust, and pretty nice clothes which I can actually wear next week; I feel deattached from them.

Have flowers for my hair at least.

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