Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good Intentions

I haven't really noticed the new decade. Fairly sure I'm in a time warp. I rarely write at work these days so haven't written 2010 much as I used to scribbling in patient's notes as a junior doctor. I remember at the turn of the last decade (on a beach in Mozambique) thinking 2010 was a long way away and I would be very grown up and adult like by then. Not sure what happened there. And I rarely make New Year's resolutions as a plan to do something doesn't have to wait until 1 January, and as January is usually a bit of a miserable month, red wine and chocolate are often a necessity. Plus I hate all those extra people in the gym in January huffing and puffing who I know won't be there by February. That said it is always good to set new challenges and goals. This year they include (in no particular order) - get consultant job, go to Argentina, resist botox, watch the Godfather (everyone can't believe I have never seen it), go heli skiing, consider marriage without freaking out, master decent pastry, skype more, listen better, don't sweat the small stuff. All controllables.

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