Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Topsy Turvy

Can it be condition or a symptom? Or both?
I understand it is a type of tomato plant and a Mike Leigh film also.
I used to love the Mr Men books. Mr Tickle and Mr Messy were other favourites.
It sums me up well this week.

Reasons for being topsy turvy

Been on call all weekend.

Pending job interview back in UK next week.

Unsure about how I feel about going back.

Need outfit, convincing sentences, ability to sell myself. Alien.

One of best mates applying for same job. Only one job.

Perfect job. Can you want something too much?

Wierd to think that this is what I have been working towards since I started sixth form in 1991....

Just had big haircut. Will I be disappointed in the morning when I wake up?

Should I have a plan B?

Will is taking a 'sabbatical' and flying out in 2 weeks. YAY. Can't plan anything as no idea what is happening. Alien.

Need to find new place to live as current arrangement not suitable for us; everyone trying to cash in on the Olympics making that tricky.

Current housemate emotional and difficult.

Still raining here. Lots of snow in Whistler. Should I go skiing on Saturday??

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