Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Green and Pleasant

The flying visit back to the UK was an overwhelming success! PHEW!

Jet lag, trying to be charming and sell myself to people I've never met before and persuade them that they want me as a work colleague for the next 25 years was surprisingly stressful. It was a wierd experience - it was a given that you are a competent radiologist but it was all about how you could add value and help develop the service in the future. All rather alien to me but clearly managed to convince them. Really tough as not the same as doing an exam (of which I consider myself an virtuoso after all these years!) where once you are above a certain standard you should pass, whereas this process was all about being better than the person next to you; who happened to be Deepa my lovely dear friend. An added dimension of stress. Thankfully (and rightfully) they offered us both jobs!! I'm about to be a consultant radiologist!! Sounds more grown up than I care to think about. Feels right too though. I'm ready.

England seemed a bit rude, lovely and green, small but overwhelmingly home.
I caught up with several of my dear friends on the evening after the job interview which was great. Felt like I hadn't been away which is how you know you are amongst real friends. Great home cooked food, inertia one side of the table, politics and the quest for the perfect woman the other. There is some comfort in predictabliity after all!! Perfect loud opinionated boisterous company.
Then whizzed up to Cambridge to my father's surprise 70th birthday party. Speechless my father is not very often. Double whammy of surprise visit and consultant jo goodb news ensured about 20 seconds of silence. No TIA incurred in the process. Another fun evening with his loud happy friends who definitely embrace life. Joked about weddings in Vegas with my mother (another silence ensued).
Back the next day to Vancouver, very confused bodyclock but worth it. Time for a mulberry handbag, trip to Argentina and a new house!! Maybe growing up isn't so bad?

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  1. still so sorry i missed seeing you. hadn't realised the 70th was a surprise. v cool. x