Monday, 15 February 2010

Olympic Fever

Olympic fever is finally upon this wet city. There has been a lot of negative anticipation, primarily over the elevated costs, but the city is embracing it's role as host. Right pic is of the torch in Whistler last Friday with token First Nations representative. Despite the tragic events of Nodar Kumaritashvili's luge accident on Friday morning with the general opinion that the track is too fast and that the visiting teams weren't allowed enough time to practise on it, the town was alive with good cheer and open hearts on Friday night for the opening ceremony. The city and most of its inhabitants are immensely proud and thrilled to be hosting the event and are fully decked out in the red and white national colours. It feels alive (not the Vancouver nor Canada I have come to be familiar with it has to be said), vibrant and is partying hard. It is a special time to be in a city uniting the world and it feels good. Not even the dull wet weather which has melted most of the snow in Cypress detracted the Canadians to celebrate finally win their first ever gold medal yesterday. I hope to venture out more in the next few days after my final week of on call (ever!!!) London 2012 is going to be exciting. Olympic fever is hot.

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  1. sounds wonderful. soak it all up.

    can't wait for 2012.

    and, really: last week of on calls?? wowowowowowo.

    (i wish this was john's last week of nights...... :( )
    (i shouldn't have bracketed that, it looks odd!)