Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Farewell to the Olympics

The Olympics are over. Yesterday's finale of the hockey gold was the perfect finish for Canada - the result of the game was how Canadians would remember the games - glory or disappointment (USA scored to equal 2-2 at 24 seconds to go, then golden goal into extra time - I'm a hockey fan don't you know). Downtown was crazy last night with a mass of red and white supporters, flag wavers and cars honking their horns. The level of patriotic outpouring that emerged over the whole games has certainly surprised even the most cynical of Vancouverite (a poll released last week suggested that 70 per cent of residents of Metro Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor believe the 2010 Games will have a positive impact on Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver)

It has been a fun couple of weeks, and while I've been mainly at work, olympic fever has gripped all conversations and after work activities (and I was lucky enough to have my own personal news hound returning from Whistler daily with an update on some of the races). Uplifting and powerful have been regular words used in the press. The first few days of trouble and negative attention gave way to a good spirit of competitiveness with Canada's 'Own the Podium' being a clear success. Team GB have some work to do (err how much money was invested into curling?). The UK have managed to give themselves a bad name with Guardian articles making news over here and how we Brits shouldn't be too quick to judge as 2012 is likely to be without incident either. Unfortunately the Canadians are not familiar with our liberal opinionated journalism as everyone here is too nice and they simply don't understand it.

This blog has been quite good, but also for the comments underneath if you have a spare 10 minutes to read, it is quite interesting

Either way, the torch is now in GB's hands, and like it or not, the next Olympic games will be in London 2012. I say we might as well embrace it and start practice our flag waving now. It may unite us and bring a new pride.


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