Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Choice : the act of selection which implies the opportunity to choose.

Life is full of them. Do I have the H1N1 vaccine? Whom should I vote for in the general election next year? Should I give up the cheese and wine consumption I truthfully (stupidly) told my booty camp instructor about in last week's food diary as she says I will lose 1lb a week in the process? Is Argentina or Nepal the next holiday destination? How long do I stay in a job in which I don't feel particularly fulfilled? How do I know what is the right consultant job to go for - how do I strike the balance between the job and the location?

I'm not very good at making decisions. Tapas, dim sum and tasting menus suit me well. I'm not sure I ever was, life has always been simple - I remember feeling lucky at school just knowing that I wanted to do medicine and therefore not being faced with a dilemma of options. Ditto with radiology.

Perhaps the right decisions come naturally without much thought?

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  1. I find it gets harder and harder to make a decision.... Any decision. Having to do so drives me bonkers umpteen times a day.

    You made me smile re the food: do you remember how annoyed you'd get in Thailand when every night I'd just copy your dinner order?? You ended up making me order first!! xx