Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tofino Time

I've been lucky to have visitors - Jules and her cousin Emma from the UK. I took one of my precious 20 days annual leave on Friday to join them over on Vancouver Island. I took the ferry across to Victoria which brought back pre tunnel nostalgia of travelling to France as a child and spent a glorious weekend in Tofino, the Byron Bay of Canada on the west coast of the island, along with (the other) Sue Ferreira who is an anaesthetist working in Victoria. The weather was amazing - warm, sunny with clear blue skies. We took a windy choppy boat out to some hot springs and saw lots of whales on the journey. We steamed fresh crabs (killed thankfully by the unemotional woman in the shop for a well spent 1$ who said to think of all of them as nasty ex boyfriends - she had clearly had a few), compared and contrasted healthcare in BC and the UK, other important world issues (Jules's latest dates) over chilled sauv blanc. I wasn't tempted by surfing the crashing icy pacific waves but we managed a bit of stone 'art' and put Tofino on the beach art project map...

A delightful weekend. Didn't want to leave. A refreshing contrast to my working week.

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  1. Louis would have loved the stone art. 'Stones' are his favourite. (You have to hear him say it. So sweet...)

    Sounds great.