Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Grind

They like exercise here. It was chucking it down with really wet rain this evening as I cycled to my kick boxing class (unfulfilling day at work but the object of my frustration got fantasy punched pretty hard in the gym) and there were a lot of people out pounding the pavements. In London, we go for a beer after work. Here, they exercise. Grouse Mountain is a local peak with an old fashioned cable car (a 'big bird' equivalent like Saulire in Courchevel 1850, or the type to feature in a Broccoli 007 extravaganza - On Her Majesty's Secret Service?) where one can ski in the winter and in summer walk up. The hiking books slate it as one of the worst walks in BC. We did it the other week. Now I know why. It is a stair climb of 2.8km and an elevation of nearly 1000m. It is relentless. And boring. Hence the name 'The Grind'. It is however a good workout and the view of the city from the top is pretty impressive (or awesome as they would say here). Wednesday night is allegedly singles night and a thriving pick up joint! Can't imagine why as everyone is hot and sweaty (a good place to test out your waterproof mascara if you are on the pull I guess). It should be open only on the 12 August to commemorate the start of the Grouse season. I have some photos of the path and us jubliantly exhausted at the top but am awaiting a lead from ebay to download photos onto my computer for your perusal so photo to follow. I doubt I will be going back.

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  1. it sounds like your kinda town! looking forward to the pics.... x